UNVRSL Brands Consolidated

Universal Brands Consolidated is a wholesale-liquidation firm specializing in the acquisition and remarketing of excess inventory and customer-returned goods. We work closely with our vendor partners, developing long term solutions to handle their inventory needs. The product we distribute is received in a variety ways:
  • Store Stock Inventory - We work with national retailers to take large quantities of slow moving, or damaged inventories.
  • Sample Programs - We are engaged with multiple brands to receive sales rep samples at the end of each season.
  • Insurance Recoveries - We purchase salvage opportunities across the country.
  • Closeout Merchandise - We purchase excess merchandise from previous sales quarters.
Domestically we sell to everyone from national retail chains, regional department stores, off price retailers, and single store operators. No customer is too large or too small.
A large percentage of our business is "for export-only" where we're successfully moving all types of products to Central America, Europe, South America, the Middle East and Africa. Internationally, we focus on distributing to rural markets which are off the beaten path by creating specialized footwear assortments that cater to the local demands of each region.